enrichment videos

Having a large accommodation is great, but to make that even better, you can provide enrichment for them to stiumlate their brains. Giving them activities to do will prevent boredom and it is great fun to watch them display natural behaviours; you should take into consideration some their natural instincts to encourage this.


1. wooden Logs

Logs are a great way to enrich your rabbits' habitat and they mimic their natural surroundings. If you are having a tree in your garden chopped down, you can get these for free. Alternatively you can contact a tree surgeon as they are likely to have some bunny suitable logs. Bunnies can climb these logs, gnaw on them, wear down their nails and they look great in the enclosure!

TIP: Drill holes into the logs and then use the logs as a branch feeder 

2. wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are very popular with my buns. You can fill them with hay, turn them upside-down (as a hidey house) and they can gnaw on these if made from safe material (e.g willow).

TIP: Visit market stalls for secondhand baskets - in general much cheaper!

3. digging area

A digging area is perfect for bunnies as by instinct they dig burrows underground. Organic soil is recommended, but instead you can also use children's play sand (or combine both!).

TIP: Border off an area to keep the soil/sand contained in one area

4. cork pieces

Cork pieces can be found in the reptile section of pet shops or online. They are ideal for rabbits as they can climb, gnaw and hide in the cork pieces. Cork is good for creating a natural habitat and they can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as ramps to get from one level to another.

DID YOU KNOW? : Cork is water resistant so you can keep it outdoors!

5. blocks of wood

Blocks of wood are readily available. You can create your very own bunny adventure playground by getting creative and constructing different levels using the wood.

DID YOU KNOW? : Rabbits love to jump up different levels!

6. rocks

You can purchase rocks from garden centres. They are useful for keeping their nails worn down, but are also great to mimic a natural habitat and they love to climb up them.

TIP : Place the rocks on top of each other to add different heights

7. cosy items

Rabbits love cosy areas! They like to snuggle up on top of comfy items, such as towels and blankets. You can even purchase fabric huts which they will love to sleep in!

TIP : Ensure they have a litter tray nearby so they don't soil the huts or fleeces

8. levels

Levels are a great addition to any bunny home. They make great use of space, and give the rabbits a whole new area to explore. You can stack cheap tables or custom build one.

DID YOU KNOW? : The ikea lack tables work great for rabbits and are very affordable too!

9. willow weaving

Willow weaving is a lovely feature to add to an outdoor bunny home.

DID YOU KNOW? : They can gnaw on the willow

10. tissue box toy

A very inexpensive and fun toy! Simply take a empty tissue box, then cut out a rectangular shape of cardboard to cover the gap. Optionally make a handle with sisal string.

TIP : Fill the box with yummy treats to encourage natural behaviours

11. kitchen roll feeder

Another very affordable enrichment toy for rabbits. All you need is a kitchen roll tube and some safe wood twigs. Just poke holes through the tube so you can push the sticks through it.

TIP : Slide veggie pieces onto the sticks

12. bottle treat toy

This toy keeps rabbits entertained for hours without costing a penny! All you need is a clean plastic water bottle and some scissors. Cut holes throughout the bottle so the treats can be pushed out (but not too big).

TIP : Save the lid of the bottle to stop all the treats falling out

12. wooden puzzle toy

W​ooden puzzle toys are available in pet shops. They are a great activity for rabbits as they have to solve the puzzle in order to get the treats. A great boredom breaker!


DID YOU KNOW? : Rabbits are intelligent animals so these puzzles are a great challenge

13. wooden hides

In general, rabbits happily sit outdoors in the open, but when given the choice, they prefer to have hide huts/houses for security and safety.

DID YOU KNOW? : Rabbits thump with their back feet to warn other rabbits of danger!