Having a large accommodation is great, but to make that even better, you can provide enrichment for them to stimulate their brains. Giving them activities to do will prevent boredom and it is great fun to watch them display natural behaviours; you should take into consideration some their natural instincts to encourage this.



1. levels

Hamster Toys

Levels are a great way to add interest to your hamster home. 

TIP: Keep the tops and/or shelves of old pet shop cages and use those as an upper level

2. running wheel

Hamster Wheel

Wheels are an essential for all hamster species. They are important for exercise and to prevent boredom. It is important that you choose a wheel which is large enough to prevent injuries.

DID YOU KNOW?: 11" wheels are ideal for all species, though the smaller species (e.g. robos) do okay with an 8" wheel

3. sand bath

Hamster Sand Bath
Hamster Sand Bath

Another essential is a sand bath. These are important for relieving stress, promoting good nail and coat health. Chinchilla sand is best (no dust!)

DID YOU KNOW?: hamsters often use sand baths as a litter tray

4. cork pieces

Russian Hamster
Russian Hamster

5. blocks of wood

Cork is ideal for hamsters as they can climb, gnaw and hide in the cork pieces. Cork is good for creating a natural habitat and they can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as ramps to get from one level to another.

DID YOU KNOW? : Cork pieces can be found in the reptile section of pet shops or online.

Russian Hamster

Hamsters love to climb and gnaw on blocks of wood. If you have a wood burning stove, you likely have a stash of wood already which will be great in their habitat!

TIP: Check that the wood is non-toxic before putting it in their cage

6. rocks

Syrian Hamster
Russian Hamster

You can purchase rocks from garden centres. They are useful for keeping their nails worn down, but are also great to mimic a natural habitat and they love to climb up them.

TIP : Place the rocks on top of each other to add different heights

7. digging area

Hamster Toys
Hamster Toys

Digging encourages you hamsters natural instincts, as in nature they live in burrows underground.

TIP : Use a large, flexible log bridge to divide the cage into 2 sections

8. egg carton

Hamster Toys

Egg cartons can provide hours of fun for hamsters! The best part about them is that they are free!

TIP : Cut various hamster sized holes into the carton to make it into a hideout

9. hammock

Hamster Toys
Hamster Toys

For hamsters that love to climb, hammocks are a great option!


DID YOU KNOW? : You can make your own rustic looking hammock with wooden log sticks and sisal string

10. tubes

Hamster Tubes

Hamsters love tubes! You can get plastic, wooden & cork tunnels.


DID YOU KNOW? : Tubes mimic the tunnel systems they would create in nature