Why is weighing important?

  1. indication of overall health

  2. can detect illnesses

  3. allows owner to understand what to feed them

How do you weigh a gerbil?

Weighing your gerbil regularly is important.

kitchen scales both work really well with a container.

Record weights each week in a diary to keep track.


What is a healthy weight?

Males generally weigh more than females. It is important to ensure that fully grown gerbils are maintaining their weight, and not gaining or losing significant amounts each week. Continuous weight loss, or even weight gain could indicate a problem. Make sure you keep track of their weights as often as needed. Adult gerbils may weigh as little as 65g, and as much as 110g, and all that's in between, yet can still be healthy either end of the scale. There are various factors which contribute to the weight of the gerbil.

Nail Care

Do their nails need clipping?

Gerbils generally do not need their nails clipping, doing so can cause unnecessary stress if it is not needed. When both digging and climbing they are wearing down their nails, which is usually sufficient in itself.

How can I keep their nails healthy?


Providing a sand bath is a great way to promote good nail health! You can also provide various rocks and natural wood pieces to help keep them trim.


Coat Care


Shiny coat?

If your gerbil appears to have a dull coat, they may require additional fatty acids. Commercial dried food often makes claims to promote a shiny coat and improve overall coat condition. A better alternative is to feed omega-3 rich foods such as walnuts and flax seeds. On the shop you can find our gerbil blends which are loaded with skin & coat loving ingredients!


Do gerbils need brushing/cleaning?

Gerbils are naturally very clean animals, they clean themselves and each other therefore caring for their coat requires little effort.

How do I keep the coat in good condition?

Generally a good diet promotes healthy skin and coat health. To aid good coat health, providing a sand bath with chinchilla sand helps to clean the coat and keep it in a good condition.