Having a large accommodation is great, but to make that even better, you can provide enrichment for them to stiumlate their brains. Giving them activities to do will prevent boredom and it is great fun to watch them display natural behaviours; you should take into consideration some their natural instincts to encourage this.


1. running wheel

A wheel is not just for hamsters! Gerbils will run for miles so a wheel is en essential.

TIP: Gerbils need a wheel measuring 11 inches

2. digging area

A digging area is a great way to encourage natural behaviours!

TIP: If the enclosure is big enough, you can put a small fish tank inside it to use as a digging area

3. sand bath

Another essential is a sand bath. These are important for relieving stress, promoting goof nail and coat health. Chinchilla sand is best (no dust!)

DID YOU KNOW?: Gerbils often use sand baths as a litter tray

4. cork pieces

Cork is ideal for gerbils as they can climb, gnaw and hide in the cork pieces. Cork is good for creating a natural habitat and they can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as ramps to get from one level to another.

DID YOU KNOW? : Cork pieces can be found in the reptile section of pet shops or online

5. logs

Logs are perfect for creating a rustic setup! They love to climb and gnaw on these.

DID YOU KNOW? : If you have a wood burner, you can use some of those logs (non toxic!)

6.hanging toys

Gerbils love to chill out in hanging toys!

DID YOU KNOW? : Ceramic bird houses are perfect for this


Gerbils love to gnaw on cardboard. You can simply give them kitchen roll tubes for hours of fun!

TIP : Bury the tubes in the digging area to encourage them to make tunnels

8. bendy bridges

Bendy bridges are very versatile. They can be used as hide houses, ladders & you can ever make them into a maze by turning them on their side.

DID YOU KNOW? : Gerbils love to gnaw on the wood of bendy bridges

9. edible hides

As gerbils love to chew, these edible hides are a great addition to their home. They are great enrichment and keep them entertained for ages.

DID YOU KNOW? : You can buy these edible hides at pet shops

10. chew toys

Made from natural materials. Perfect for keeping them occupied. Great for gnawing.

DID YOU KNOW? : You can hide treats in these to encourage foraging behaviour

11. wooden shelves

Gerbils love to climb so providing enrichment with different height will keep them occupied.

12. tunnels

As gerbils are prey animals they need plenty of hide places to feel safe and secure

DID YOU KNOW? : Gerbils thump their back feet to warn each other of danger!

13. MAZE

You can easily keep your gerbils entertained by making a maze for them - completely free of charge.

All you need is some cardboard and scissors.

enrichment video