small animal bedding

Suitable for compost

Available at horse suppliers

guinea pig hay


Ideal substrate for hamsters & gerbils and other small animals

Low dust content

(lowest I have come across in comparison to others)

(e.g. AUBIOSE)

Perfect for outdoor habitats on top of soil +

May also be used for guinea pigs and rabbits (on top of newspaper is ideal)

Very natural & pleasant odour

Retails at around £6 -£10 per bale (often sold in 20kg/25kg bales)

guinea pig hay

Highly absorbent & very comfortable bedding

Potentially unpleasant odour 

Available at horse suppliers

Wood Pulp


Moderate dust content

Retails at around £8 per bag

(85 Litres)

guinea pig vegetables

Good for the environment

Affordable bedding choice

Good option for indoor guinea pigs


Works best with towels underneath (unless they are specifically piggie cage liners)

guinea pig vegetables

No dust!

Quite high maintenance but works well with litter trays

Cheap to buy

Fresh, pleasent smell

guinea pig hay


guinea pig vegetables

Easy to get hold of

(supermarkets, pet shops)

Very absorbent

(e.g. BEDMAX)

Opt for high quality brands as some are too dusty (which can worsen allergies in people and pets)


  • EASI BED (wood fibre)

  • LAY-SOFT (white wood)